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North Country Market and Advertising offers a great and affordable place to keep your name or business and website name in front of your potential customers.  With limited way to reach your geographic business area North Country Market and Advertising helps you close that gap.  What a pain and an expense for a business to place an advertisement in 10 or more different communities trying to market your business.  When you live in a rural area and your customers can and do travel up to 100 miles to shop in your business it is important to get your business, or service in front of them as often as possible.  Whether your business offers online shopping, or has it's own website, or is promoted on social media, you still need to keep your name in front of people as often as possible. 

It is a well known fact that repetitive, repetitive, repetitive in advertising is the key.  A business man told me that he has all of employees, while they are working, drive vehicles with the business name on it.
Whether they are going to the post office, delivering, going to the airport, or driving down the road, people see his company name everywhere.  When they need the service or product he offers, the first name that pops into their heads is his company's, not his competitors. That is why the supper bowl is often referred to as the “Bud Bowl”.  Budweiser dominates, they are very visible and expensive advertising.  Does it want to make you buy Budweiser?  Well it makes someone one want to, it is the number one selling beer in the United States.  (That's a free plug for Budweiser.)

Many little business really can’t afford to buy a lot of advertising and shouldn’t have to.  North Country Market and Advertising tries to drive as much traffic to its site as possible.  Many of the options you have online do charge an incredible amount.  The PPC or PPV or CPM all have their place in advertising.  But if some walks by your store should you have to pay them to do so?  Do you pay them to come in and look around, no. 
But you do have to let people know where you are, and what you are offering.  After that it is up to the customer. 

So this little local site is here to help local business advertise at an affordable rate, everyone is welcome.  Whether you are a little business in Blackduck, Minnesota or a worldwide business in Atlanta, Georgia, you can get customers from anywhere by advertising online as well as your local people. 

If you can place an ad online for a fraction of the price that you do in a printed publication, why wouldn’t you?  And why would you place ads that are ppc and pay for people that are getting paid to visit your site and for no other reason?  Placing an ad in a printed publication you can hope that every subscriber sees your ad, but the price is the same if 1,000 people see it or if 10,000 people see it. 

North Country Market and Advertising is promoted in many places and social media sites.  We are viewed 24/7/365.  And, as it is still a good idea for businesses to advertise in local media, it is a good idea to advertise online.  Online advertising doesn't get recycled after a few days and you won’t find many other affordable advertising opportunities online like North Country Market and Advertising.